The People

Note To Self's founders were brought together via their significant others but quickly formed a friendship of their own, bonding over their love for fashion and style, amongst other things. Both expats living in the UAE, they share a mutual sense of respect for the culture they live in, but at the same time they didn't want to compromise their personal style. Fueled by the society in which we live in today, which is very much dominated by reality TV, pop culture and social media, all of which seem to promote the sense of women having to over expose themselves in order to be popular, Melina and Niamh masterminded their debut label, Note To Self.

Their intention is to not only to create a clothing label, but also a community within that. Being aware of how the garment industry works and the unfair treatment of garment workers, they made a conscious decision to create all of their pieces in the UAE, from the design process, all the way to production. 

Note To Self is the brand you visit when you want to treat yourself to a new little something for absolutely no reason, just because you deserve it or it's that go to when you're in a style rut and want some fresh sartorial inspiration. From maxi jackets to wrap dresses, Note To Self has got you covered, sweetie.