The Brand

Note To Self produces quality pieces which are culturally adaptable and versatile. We aim to be the brand of choice for the busy, modern woman who dresses to express her inner voice.

Our key principles are that we are not fast fashion and all of our pieces are made right here in Dubai, so we can ensure our tailor's working conditions are fair and safe. 

With the modern woman adopting various roles on a daily basis, what she seeks is a common desire craved by all women; versatility without compromising on style, and timeless pieces which can seamlessly slot into her wardrobe, not only making her feel dynamic but ready for any challenge thrown her way. Whether she’s a mum doing the school run, a career driven woman on the verge of a big promotion, or an ambitious entrepreneur in the midst of a start-up, she identifies with her inner voice, cheering her on to be her best self.

We’re living in a time where women are coming together, being supportive of one another. We’re forming sisterhoods and realising that we’re deserving of more than we sometimes give ourselves credit for. Let your clothing be your costume for the way you choose to live your life.