Last Chance To Buy

A collection of some of our favourite pieces that we don't want to say goodbye to! We know you love them too, so we're letting them stick around for a bit longer.
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MARION Peacock Print Maxi Jacket
Dhs. 820.00
LOTTIE Slouch Trousers
Dhs. 720.00
NAOMI White Shirt Dress
Dhs. 1,150.00
NIAMH Sequined Midi Jacket
Dhs. 1,500.00
SHADI Coral One-Shoulder Dress
Dhs. 550.00
LOTTIE Midi Jacket
Dhs. 1,500.00
NOOR Green Maxi Jacket
Dhs. 760.00
UMA Kimono Maxi Jacket
Dhs. 825.00