Copenhagen - Autumn/Winter 19/20

The world is such a wonderful place and one of the things we love about travelling is absorbing people's style as we sit and people watch at quaint little cafès. 

This summer we were inspired by Copenhagen streetstyle. We brought back all of our mental pictures we had taken on our travels and combined them with the principles of our label. We married the cool, edginess of Copenhagen style with the modern modest feels of the Middle East. The result was a collection full of luxurious fabrics in simple, clean lines but not lacking details such as pussy bows, puffed sleeves and beautiful gold buttons.


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ANNA Kaftan
Dhs. 950.00
NEFELI Tiered Polka Dot Dress
Dhs. 900.00
MELI Smock Dress
Dhs. 960.00
NOOR Short Jacket - Black
Dhs. 750.00
NOOR Short Jacket - Cream
Dhs. 750.00
DEE Wrap Dress
Dhs. 860.00
NOOR Maxi Jacket - Cream
Dhs. 950.00
NOOR Maxi Jacket - Black
Dhs. 950.00
KATE Maxi Cape Jacket
Dhs. 850.00
AISLING Midi Dress
Dhs. 880.00