"Our Dubai" - Spring 2019

Melina Vou

Posted on March 15 2019

"Our Dubai" - Spring 2019

At first glance, Dubai is glamorous and new. With the high-rise buildings, malls filled with luxury fashion and all of the glam, it’s easy for people to assume that the city is just what they see on the surface. But to us, it’s so much more.

Take a short trip to the creek and you’ll find gems in every corner. Spice souks, abras, and interesting people with stories to tell is what you’ll find. You’ll even find beautiful peacocks taking a stroll. In Al Satwa, you’ll be overwhelmed by the abundance of textiles, haberdashery stores and the best fusion of South Asian food you’ll come across in Dubai. The energy of the people and the bustle in the streets will make you think that you’re further east.

With the expat culture being so prominent, Dubai is a fascinating fusion of nationalities where the influence of traditional Emirati dress filters through into the way non-Emiratis dress. Long jackets that resemble the traditional abaya and modest, draped kaftans are often seen. Even the strong presence of other cultures are hard to go unnoticed, like that of the Pakistani kurta, which inspired a piece in our collection.

Our Dubai is a celebration of everything that represents the side that isn’t always spotlighted. It’s a collection that is inspired by elements that lie in the heart of the creek, that we have given a new life in the form of versatile clothing.

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