Getting To Know our Bestie: Teach Me Vogue

Melina Vou

Posted on November 18 2019

Getting To Know our Bestie: Teach Me Vogue

A little while ago we had the pleasure of meeting Aoife Clifford, of Teach Me Vogue. We met for dinner and clicked instantly as we chatted over a superfood bowl at a cafe in Studio City. 

Aoife is a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber who also runs her Instagram page, Teach Me Vogue. Oh, and she does all of this on the side of being a full-time teacher! We love a girl that hustles!

We love Aoife's style and the way she so effortlessly puts her look together so a few weeks ago we let her play dress-up with our Autumn/Winter collection. We've included some of the images in between our chat with her, below.


Note To Self:  Your style and aesthetic on Instagram is so lovely. We'd love to know what inspires you?

Teach Me Vogue: There are so many things that inspire me but the first thing that comes to mind are my friends, who happen to be incredible photographers and stylists that have an amazing eye for seeing the beauty and art in the simplest things. It’s because of them that my Instagram profile has changed so much in the last year.  When we shoot together we get so inspired by intricate architectural structures and the elements of nature around us. We also love to work with light and shadow.The room for creativity is endless!


NTS: It's the weekend and you get a call from a friend inviting you to a last-minute dinner. You have half an hour to get ready. What do you wear?

TMV: This one's easy - a little black dress, of course! I have a wardrobe full of them and it’s 100% my go-to dress when all else fails.  I always feel sexy, chic and confident when wearing my LBD. I think everyone should have a dress like this in their wardrobe, you will always look glam and well put together in it even if you only had a half an hour to get ready! 

Describe a perfect day in the UAE

TMV: To start off my perfect day in Dubai, I would have a healthy breakfast with friends in the Leen's in Jumeriah. This is an area of Dubai I love, it's much more chilled out than some of the busy touristy areas. After breakfast, we’d rent out paddle boards from the Surf House to do stand up paddle boarding on Kite Beach. Anything to do with exercise, the sun and the sea makes me one very happy being! After a morning of activities, we'd probably chill out on the beach for the day and get some lunch at ‘The Park House’. It’s my place to go after a beach day - they have lots of super yummy salads there.  In the evening, we’d get super glammed up and go to a new favourite of mine ‘Bussola’  in the Westin - a great spot for sun-downers and if you don’t know already they also serve up some of the best pizza in Dubai! 

NTS: What made you decide to move to Dubai?

TMV: I had been working and living in Dublin for 3 years and knew that I wanted a change. It was my friend Alan who was living and teaching here at the time that started posting lots of incredible photos of his travels around the Middle East and his action-packed weekends of beach days and brunches that planned the seed in my mind. This ‘seed grew bigger and bigger’ and 6 months later I was on an Emirates flight to Dubai to start a whole new adventure. It was by far the best decision I’ve ever made!

NTS: Give us your top breakfast, lunch and dinner picks in Dubai.


- Top Breakfast Place: Tom and Serg in Al Qouz

- Top Lunch Place: Maison Mathis in the Arabian Ranches

- Top Dinner Place: Pai Thai in the Madinat

NTS: Bonus question: What's your favourite piece from our current collection and why?

TMV: There are so many gorgeous pieces from this new Autumn/Winter collection but my favourite would have to be the cream Noor maxi jacket. I love the way you can throw this on over a plain black tank top and black jeans and it instantly changes the whole look making it glam and chic yet effortless.


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