Getting To Know Our Bestie - Modestlywrapped

Melina Vou

Posted on April 21 2019

Getting To Know Our Bestie - Modestlywrapped

Our first interaction with Modestlywrapped goes back to over 3 years ago when she was living in the UK and she had her own online venture. Fast forward and she’s now living in Dubai and she’s our Note To Self bestie! Small world, hey?

We love Modestlywrapped’s effortless style, which always manages to look cool and edgy. Aside from her style though, we also love her point of view, which she’s unafraid to share on social media. Not to mention that this lady has gotten to know Dubai so well in the short time she’s been here, it's impressive!

We asked Modestlywrapped 5 questions that will help you get to know her a little better.

1. What made you want to move to Dubai?

As a family we were stuck in a rut; working too hard, barely spending any time together, spending all our money on just surviving and no holidays. The brexit vote sealed the deal; we needed a change. We wanted to live in a country where our profession as teachers was paid well and respected, we could live and work with a diverse array of people and in a Muslim country. Dubai ticked all the boxes! And it hasn’t disappointed; we’ve travelled 4 times in 7 months, we spend so much time together it’s crazy and we don’t have a crazy commute to and from work.


2. What’s your favourite way to unwind?

A cup of tea and a Maryland cookie…..or 10! I have a contraband supply that consistently brings them from the UK! I take my tea very seriously and it’s genuinely an act of mindfulness for me. I can think of nothing better than a great cup in a beautiful tearoom with great friends.

With my husband, we love a good spa! He always falls asleep but I’m a facial fan and love seeing the results afterwards.

3. How would you describe your style?

Modest, real and creative. Since dressing modestly and wearing the hijab, I feel like I have completely found my style. It’s still evolving, but the turban made my style. I’m a completely normal, fashion-loving female and I try to show the hundreds of ways I wear and re-wear a piece. I’m not about a 1 wear piece - that’s such a waste of money! I want to be able to style something 20 ways and for it to look like a new piece every time. Getting dressed is genuinely my hobby! I love being creative with it and get such a kick out of it when I create something I love.

4. What does your ideal weekend look like?

A lie in, wearing a great outfit, breakfast at The Clinton Street Bakery in City Walk, a bit of shopping in Dubai Mall, the afternoon at Kite Beach and dinner at Salt! Then topping it all off with an evening at home working on my blog and researching outfits! That is living the dream! I think I’ve just planned this weekend……..

5. Which pieces from our collection do you like the most and why?

Ah it’s so hard to pick!!! I genuinely fell in love with MAIRS Gold Kaftan the minute I saw it. The colour and the length had me. But then when I wore it I fell in love with it even more! The one thing I can honestly say about all of the NTS pieces is that the quality is amazing - so well made and designed!

Then there’s the MARION Peacock print maxi jacket.Wow! That is a showstopper! Perfect length, perfect cut, amazing quality, pockets (!!!) and such a cool print. I could rave about these pieces all day long!


You're too kind, Modestlywrapped! We couldn't ask for a better bestie that fits so well with our vision.

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